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Well, let's get things started


Well, as some have already asked what this community is for. Simple. It's for us to plan our roadtrip to Japan!!!


So the first business of the day is to set a goal. A date by which we can say that would be the date we would go to Japan.

I think Septemeber in 2006 is a nice day to work towards. What do you think?

Everyone is encouraged to post the various bits of information that they have found on Japan here. Stuff like cheap hotels, sightseeing stuff and places to visit. Heh So to start the ball rolling, here's a comment a friend posted on my journal

Akihabara is anime-land. Beware, however, of the mad mad Yuri-girl's-love shops (because they are aPLENTY). The yaoi-tinged ones are harder to find, and require mad searching. However, Animate in Akihabara is good lord paradise! (7 STOREYS of merchandise!!!)

Also Mandarakke for cheap manga in Nakano. 3 storeys of crack.

Gnnn manga... XD

I'm also going to open a savings account at the end of the month specifically for me to save money for the trip. Might as well start while I still can. I am intending on saving $100 a month, which would be a damn good excercise for me because I can't save money at all. So this would be a nice test for me. :)

What about the rest of you?
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