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Hello from Japan!! 
11:53pm 02/03/2007
  I am currently in Japan (Kurume to be exact) and will be for the next two days.

Anything I must buy/do?
03:30pm 01/03/2007
  Again, sorry for the x-posting, but one more (ok 2 more) quick Japan questions. Again, we're going to be in Tokyo for a few days, staying in Yokohama.

-We are thinking of doing a city tour or some day trips. Has to be in English as neither of us knows any Japanese. Any recommendations on specific travel companies/tour operators? What was your experience? Pros/cons-things you wanted to see but didn't, or places you went but didn't want to?

-Also if you have any suggestions on guidebooks-pros and cons-greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!!!
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12:38pm 26/02/2007
  Hello, all. Apologies in advance as this is x-posted to several communities. My boyfriend and I will be spending a few days in Tokyo, Japan. Flight and hotel are done. We've never been and really know nothing about the area. We're going to get a guidebook and do some web research, but if anyone has any suggestions, tips or places to check out in or near Tokyo I would greatly appreciate it!!  
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03:32pm 17/04/2006
  Hello, my name is Mary. I am a junior at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I am sorry to bother everyone, but I am hoping that someone might be willing to assist a desperate student. I am in a women's studies course and am collecting stories of women travelers in Japan, in particular, meaningful experiences women have had in Japanese parks, shrines, or temples. These do not have to be religious experiences, although those are welcome, but just any story that you feel is interesting.

I also welcome any men who are interested to submit their stories. This is NOT for publication, just an end-of-the-year assignment, and all I need is just a basic idea of what happened. You are free to go into details but I understand most of you are probably very busy.

Again, I am sorry to bother everyone here but most of my other postings have only been answered by younger people who can't wait for their first trip to Tokyo. Thank you for your time!!!

(Please, if you comment, let me know what your name is. Real, fake, or just first name is perfectly fine.)
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Wow, it's all happening so fast! 
07:27pm 18/03/2004
mood: frantic
OK, y'all are going to hate me :) I just found out two days ago that in about five weeks I will be spending 4 days in Tokyo. I've always been interested in going (esp as my father used to live in Okinawa before I was born and has nothing but amazing things to say about it), but the truth is that my husband has been dying to go to Japan for like, ever.

But it's all happening soooo fast! We have to find a hotel, figure out what to see, sell all of our worldly posessions on ebay to be able to afford anything. Tips would be very welcome! What are the absolute must-see things? (We mostly like history but would like to see temples, shrines and gardens.) How much money will we need? (I know, millions! But seriously, we have less than none, we're soooo broke, so what is the realistic bare minumum?)

Alas, I usually use a wheelchair, but I am told that is very difficult in Tokyo, although better than it was a few years ago. But due to my health conditions, hostels are out, I need a quiet room without roomates (other than my husband of course :) ). I have some friends that are giving me recommendations, but the more the better!

We're also going to be going to Singapore for three days, is there anywhere on LJ that we could ask for tips there? (I believe there is a singapore community for locals, but as I know first-hand local comms often resent tourists asking dumb questions.)

I know I will want to buy everything, but the luggage restrictions are soooo ridiculous that I won't be able to get much of anything in the suitcases! (We're allowed one bag each, max weight 20 kg/44.4 lbs. And we are going to visit relatives in Australia so loads of space is taken up with that -- which is after Japan so no room in the bags, soooob!)

Ha, I feel like such an idiot. Normally I research places like *mad* and know them as well as humanly possible when just using books and websites, but I feel like I don't have time to do it properly. :/ Not considering that I have to research Singapore and wheelchair access stuff and...well my mind is spinning!

Thanks in advance everyone! Don't hate me because I get to go :)
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Well, let's get things started 
11:33pm 03/02/2004
mood: curious

Well, as some have already asked what this community is for. Simple. It's for us to plan our roadtrip to Japan!!!


So the first business of the day is to set a goal. A date by which we can say that would be the date we would go to Japan.

I think Septemeber in 2006 is a nice day to work towards. What do you think?

Everyone is encouraged to post the various bits of information that they have found on Japan here. Stuff like cheap hotels, sightseeing stuff and places to visit. Heh So to start the ball rolling, here's a comment a friend posted on my journal

Akihabara is anime-land. Beware, however, of the mad mad Yuri-girl's-love shops (because they are aPLENTY). The yaoi-tinged ones are harder to find, and require mad searching. However, Animate in Akihabara is good lord paradise! (7 STOREYS of merchandise!!!)

Also Mandarakke for cheap manga in Nakano. 3 storeys of crack.

Gnnn manga... XD

I'm also going to open a savings account at the end of the month specifically for me to save money for the trip. Might as well start while I still can. I am intending on saving $100 a month, which would be a damn good excercise for me because I can't save money at all. So this would be a nice test for me. :)

What about the rest of you?
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Admin: Douzo Yorou shi ku! 
11:54pm 26/01/2004
mood: cheerful
Erm, ignore horrible Jap XD

Welcome y'all.

Let us fulfil our dreams of visiting Japan.

Rules and FAQ will be set up once i get enough sleep XD
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